MonoWare Lite

MonoWare Lite

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If you're satisfied, please come back and get the activation key code for full blown version! Full version will be delivered with firmware for Arduino board and detailed instruction how to connect pins. 

MonoWare Lite (Windows 64bit) includes the following features:

  • Import STL / OBJ files
  • Manipulate position / rotation / scale of the single object
  • Create manual supports
  • Adjust support parameters to better print your complex models
  • GPU based slicing
  • Real time slicing view (GPU based)
  • Supports shutter and end stop sensor.
  • And more features are coming!

Controlling the printer is also straightforward with MonoWare

  • Scan the serial ports to detect printer and projector
  • Scan the display device 
  • Projector serial port can be directly connected from printer
  • Support 128x64 OLED display, temp sensor, shutter, fan
  • Fully controllable 8 step printing recipes
  • Can add a webcam to record timelapse video
  • Firmware update through MonoWare

**** MonoWare 0.1.43 change log (1.1.2020) ******

  • Bug fixes

If you have problems after upgrading from previous versions, please delete settings.ini under Documents/MonoWare/ and then reinstall. 

    If you're developing resin printers and need customized slicing/control software, please contact us at We can help you!