MonoWare Overview

User friendly slicing and control software for Mono1 or your own 3D printers!

Download the latest version (0.1.031 on 03/23/2018) today and give it a try for free!

MonoWare features includes:

  • Fast import STL / OBJ files
  • Plate multiple objects
  • Create manual / grid supports
  • Adjust support parameters to better print your complex models
  • Multiple slice functions for hollowing, smoothing, and a raft
  • GPU based slicing
  • Real time slicing preview (GPU based)
  • Load / Save scene information
  • Load / Save slice information
  • Load / Save system settings
  • Load / Save print recipes
  • Supports shutter, temperature sensor, OLED display, end stop sensor, and a fan.
  • And more feature are coming!
  • MonoWare communicates with printers using custom command sets via serial. We will send you a customized firmware if you need to change pin numbers. 

Please download and test with your printers or purchase our affordable printer, MONO1 which will come with 1 free copy of MonoWare. 

If you're developing resin printers and need customized slicing/control software, please contact us at We can help you!