• Installation setup file (Version 0.41, 6/21/2022, Windows x64)
    • Direct download from Google Drive [link]
  • MonoWare installation [pdf]
  • MonoWare menu introduction [pdf]
  • MonoWare tutorial - model import and slice [video]
  • MonoWare tutorial - manual support generation [video]
  • MonoWare tutorial - generate and edit supports [video]


    • Cable connections [pdf]
    • Build plate calibration [pdf]
    • Grid calibration [pdf]
      • Printable grid with large pixels [pdf]
      • Printable grid with small pixels [pdf]
    • Printer - projector align guide [link]


    • Build plate calibration [pdf]
    • Grid calibration [pdf]
      • Printable grid with 70 or 80 microns [pdf


    • MonoWare preparation for Mono3 printing file (*.mnf) [pdf]
    • Mono3 built-in app introduction [pdf]


    Disclaimer - The software and firmware are provided as is without any kind of warranty and we don't have any responsibility for any kind of damages or malfunctions of your printer and/or computer systems. Please contact us if you have troubles during installing or operating the software/firmware.