MonoWare Shortcuts

Model Navigation using Mouse

Left button + Move  -  View angle 

Right button + Move  -  Model or platform translation

Control Key + Right button + Move  -  Vertical translation of platform

Mouse wheel  -  Zoom in/out 

Shift Key + Mouse wheel  - Zoom in/out at the mouse pointer position

Right button under Support Mode  -  Select support creation position

Support selected + Shift Key + Mouse pointer around support nodes + Right/left button - Increase (right button) or decrease (left button) support radius. Use this at zoom-in mode.

Support selected + Mouse pointer around support nodes + Right button down + Move - Relocated the support contact point on mesh surface. Use this at zoom-in mode.


Keyboard Shortcuts

S  -  Toggle support mode (off - 1 click - 2 clicks)

V  -  Toggle support view (full support - contact only)

D  -  Delete selected model (supports & base) = "DEL" key

R  -  Reset view parameters

T  -  Reset view center position. If model selected, view to the model center

O -  Open STL/OBJ file  (Ctrl+O : Open Scene file, Shift+O : Open Slice file)

E  -  Increase support contact diameter by 0.1 

W  -  Decrease support contact diameter by 0.1