High resolution printing with Mono1

Here are some recent test about high resolution printing with Mono1. I usually use Fun To Do resins (Deep Black, Industrial Blend, and Snow White) for high resolution printing since they offer a fast curing time and cheap price tags, however they have a limitation when it comes to extremely high resolution printings. I've tested FTD Deep black resin using Mono1 and Optoma HD37 to print 23 micron xy resolution and 50 micron layer thickness. It generally shows nice details, but light bleeding can't be controlled at minimum exposure times. Then I decided to try a wax resin from B9Creators, Cherry resin. It's an entry level wax resin from B9C, but they are still great compared to their expensive alternatives. 

You can see the difference from the microscopic images below. 

Those are sidewalls from DLP printer test file (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1219068). The print sequence is right to left and you can see layers on Cherry resin. Pixel resolution are 23 microns and 50 microns for xy and z, respectively. The difference is clear and each letter (0.6-0.7mm wide) is clearly legible on Cherry resin. The couple of drawbacks are very slow curing process like 5-10x slower than Black resin, and some unique odor. I'll keep using FTD resins for color specific or tall prints and add this material for highly detailed prints. 

If you're interested in starting high resolution printing, please visit our store or send me an email about your questions.