Mono1 3D Resin Printer

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Mono1 DLP based 3D printer 

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$200 discount for a limited quantity.

This order includes following items.

- 1 x Fully assembled Mono1 3D printer (projector not included)

- 1 x Build platform (96 x 56 mm build size)

- 1 x Assembled flexible film resin tank

- 2 x Laser cut FEP films

- 1 License of slicing and control software (MonoWare)

- 1 x power brick (12V 6A)

- 2 x usb cable (1 for PC, 1 for projector)

- 1 x conversion lens set and lens mount (Please contact us with the projector model you own or are going to purchase)

- 1 x projector to MONO1 alignment kit

* This product will be shipped in 3 days and will contact you when it is ready to ship out. Please contact us for details.