Mono4 (LCD printer)
Mono4 (LCD printer)
Mono4 (LCD printer)

Mono4 (LCD printer)

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A new version of Mono4 with 4k 8.9inch monochrome LCD will be released soon. 

Mono4 is the first 3D resin printer based on LCD printing technology offered by LCD based light curing technology is basically similar to DLP 3D printing, but it's more affordable and compact. The downside would be lower UV power compared to what DLP provides, which leads to slower printing speed. 

Here is summary of features. 

  • Mono4 still provides a high resolution 3D resin printing experience compared to filament based 3D printers with a preset in-plane (xy) pixel size at 75 microns.
  • Vertical layer (z) thickness can be adjusted from 10 microns to 100 microns.
  • Very large build volume: 192 x 120 x 175 mm 
  • Uniform UV illumination by an LED and light guide array. 
  • Affordable consumables. 
  • User friendly and flexible software, MonoWare, is included to fully control all printer features.
  • Embedded control software is easy to use and printing files can be uploaded from the PC via wireless network. 

Currently we're accepting pre-orders of Mono4. The actual product might have different color and exterior designs. 

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