Mono1 Brief Features

 Mono1 Specifications

Printing Technology

DLP Based Projector (sold separately)

Teflon Film Based Peeling 

Manual Resin Filling

Manual Support Generation

Build Volume 3.8 x 2.2 x 5.1 in (96 x 56 x 130 mm)
In-plane resolution

23, 45 microns (with Optoma HD37 and conversion lenses)

Layer Thickness >5 microns, typ. 25, 35, 50, 100 microns
Print Speed

Max. 1 in/hour (varies with resins and slice thickness)

Vat Construction

Aluminum backing frame

3D printed container

Teflon film as peeling layer

High transparent glass bottom


Wired using USB-Serial cable

(Optional) Wireless connectivity with Raspberry Pi


Dedicated Software and Firmware: MonoWare

Model Preparation and Printer, Projector Control

(Optional) Other existing software can be used per users' needs

Size and Weight

7 x 6 x 14 in, 18 lbs (178 x 152 x 356 mm, 8 kg)

In Package

Mono1 Printer

1 x Build platform

1 x MonoWare software license

1 x Assembled resin vat

2 x Extra Teflon films

1 x Power supply

1 x USB cables

1 set of conversion lenses