Initial setup of Mono1 - Part 2 - Homing and leveling

Previously you connected all cables and power cords for printer and projector. Now it's time to turn on the printer first. 

If your PC is on, your printer is already on and OLED display shows MONO logo. Okay, then press a power button on the left side of the OLED screen, making the button glow. This button turns on 12V power.

Now start the MonoWare on your PC. After starting, go to the "Printer" tab on the right panel and press "Connect" icon as shown above. A few seconds later, it will connect to Mono1 and a message about Firmware version is displayed on the message box. The latest firmware version is "mono1mk2v04". Once you got this message, you're ready for homing and platform leveling procedures. 

Before starting homing and leveling, you should loose all screws on the build arm. There are 7 screws; 1 hand screw for fixing the build platform into the build arm, 3 thumb screws for leveling the build platform, and 3 hex screws for fixing the platform levels. Just slightly engage the hand screw into the build platform, and then loose all other 6 screws. 

Now let's try to move down the build platform by pressing a button inside MonoWare. Move down by 3mm or 10 mm and watch out how they work. If there is any issue such as moving to opposite direction or too slow/fast movement, go to the printer setting menu and check if motor parameters look okay. We will explain how to set motor parameters in other blogs. 

If the platform moves fine, let's press homing button. If there is something wrong, press 'stop motor' button. The build platform moves down slowly until it touches an optical endstop. When it touches down, it goes up by 1mm and then moves down again at slower speed to confirm the zero position. If everything goes okay, the current position will be 0.000 and motor says "stopped". Now you're ready to level the build platform.


  1. Gently rotate the thumb screws (x3) until you feel the build platform touching down the vat bottom. It should not be too strong. Fasten all three screws. 
  2. Then using the 3mm hex driver, fix the levels. You can apply more pressure, but don't push too hard. 
  3. Lastly, fix the build platform into the build arm using the hand screw. 

If this leveling procedure is done once, you just unscrew/screw the hand screw whenever you finish each print. There is a minimal variation between build platforms and resin tanks, but usually we recommend you do this procedure when you switch to different platforms or resin tanks. Leveling procedure is critical to highly pigmented resins or less sticking resins while it won't be an issue to clear or well sticking resins. 

Great! Now you've done homing and leveling procedure. Press 50mm up or higher and then ready to do real prints.  



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