Initial setup of Mono1 - Part 1 - Cables and lens

First of all, thanks for your purchase of Mono1 and/or complete package for ultra-high resolution 3D resin printing. 

Before turning on the Mono1 and the projector, we need to check everything is ready to go. Please follow the procedure described below. 

First, you may need to remove the protective film on the mirror like the picture on the left. To do this, open the front cover and then rotate up the shutter manually. The protective film is blue transprent film on the first surface mirror. You can gently peel off the film from the corner. 

After removing the film, rotate the shutter back to the original position and close the front cover.

Skip this procedure if the mirror does not have a protective film on it. 

Now you just connect cables to start printing. There are three data cables included in the package; two USB cables and one HDMI cable. Among the two USB cables, one is used to connect PC to printer, and the other for printer to projector. Please check pictures below how to connect those cables. 

First the projector is connected to the printer using the USB-serial cable provided. The cable has a type A male USB connector on one end, and custom USB-serial connector on the other end. The USB-serial connector part should be connected on an RS-232 port of the projector as above picture. HDMI cable is then connected to PC's HDMI port. 

Next, look at the cables for printer. Two USB cables and one power cable here. Type B USB male cable connects the printer to PC while type A USB male connector is used to connect the printer to the projector as mentioned earlier. 

Before placing the projector with the printer, just make sure the lens setting is correct with the projector. 

Focus dial should be rotated to counter-clockwise limit while lens shift and zoom dials should be on clockwise limits. When you move the projector away from the printer for different in-plane resolution (ex. 45 microns), you may need to adjust the lens shift dial to fit the projection inside a vat bottom. Don't forget putting 10X macro lens in front of the projector!

Final step is to put the projector and the printer together. Both has bottom magnetic connectors so you just need to gently move the projector near the printer so that they find their position by themselves. 

Good! Now you connected all cables and ready to proceed!


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