Mono1 Manual

Initial setup of Mono1 - Part 2 - Homing and leveling

Previously you connected all cables and power cords for printer and projector. Now it's time to turn on the printer first.  If your PC is on, your printer is already on and OLED display shows MONO logo. Okay, then press a power button on the left side of the OLED screen, making the button glow. This button turns on 12V power. Now start the MonoWare on your PC. After starting, go to the "Printer" tab on the right panel and press "Connect" icon as shown above. A few seconds later, it will connect to Mono1 and a message about Firmware...

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Initial setup of Mono1 - Part 1 - Cables and lens

First of all, thanks for your purchase of Mono1 and/or complete package for ultra-high resolution 3D resin printing.  Before turning on the Mono1 and the projector, we need to check everything is ready to go. Please follow the procedure described below.  First, you may need to remove the protective film on the mirror like the picture on the left. To do this, open the front cover and then rotate up the shutter manually. The protective film is blue transprent film on the first surface mirror. You can gently peel off the film from the corner.  After removing the film, rotate...

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